(a short story by Haaniyah Angus)

Looking into the mirror is a daily struggle for me, I feel misplaced and misshapen as I’m looking at an image of myself moulded by someone who has never seen my face or body before. I stand there and stare at myself as if I assume the image in front of me will jump out and drown me in the sink to spare my misery.

I smile. My teeth are all there in their crooked and gapped glory, but I’m not convinced. I push my hands into my mouth to pull my cheeks apart, almost like a dentist would. …

A short essay on body image and the online relationship we have with it.

Let me paint you a scenario:

You’re sitting alone in your room after you’ve done your skincare routine. Looking in the mirror, you hold a moment of appreciation for yourself: you are beautiful and deserving of praise for said beauty. You then decide to take a selfie to commemorate this moment because why would you not want to recall the rare time you feel at home in yourself. But it doesn’t seem to be working. None of the angles fit your face, and your hair looks off, your face lopsided, your cheeks are too chubby and so on. That voice…

A reflection on 2020.

When those around me are asked how they would describe me, the word ‘impatient’ is thrown around. But I’d describe it more as a yearning for the future. As a child, I was always confident that the future would be better. I would be older, more independent and less afraid. As a kid whenever I was asked how old I was, I would tell people I was a year older than my actual age. …

This was originally published on my old website on 28/12/2019

If you were born between 1996 and 2001, High School Musical (also known as HSM) was most definitely a topic of conversation growing up. Whether it be arguments over Sharapay vs Gabriella, the annoyingly catchy songs or melodramatic teen storylines, HSM cemented itself at the centre of the musical zeitgeist of the mid to late 2000s. Distributed by Disney under their Disney Channel banner, the trilogy is most probably seen as mindless yet enjoyable entertainment to many my age and above but I’d like to put forward an argument that there’s more beneath the surface.

This was originally posted on the 24/03/2020

Quick Disclaimer: I originally wrote this as a University essay so there are quoted parts I’ve moved around and they no longer have their citations but below there will be an entire list of my bibliography!

When I think of notable directors of the past 20 years, one comes to mind repeatedly; David Fincher. And much like other well-regarded filmmakers such as Quentin Tarantino, Guillermo Del Toro and Alfonso Cuarón, Fincher is regarded as a modern-day auteur, a title that Fincher himself tends to reject as he detests the concept of auteurism. When speaking to Little White Lies Fincher stated

This was originally posted on my old website on 28/06/2020

For many of us, 2020 is not the year we expected it to be, I, for one, came into this new decade (that apparently isn’t really the start of a new decade) hoping for a change not only in my own life but also the world around us. In my own context, the UK had once again voted in an austerity supporting party, and things were starting to look even grimmer for minority groups within the country. …

This was originally posted on my old website on 10/09/2020

Cuties is a film that would’ve always been seen as divisive by audiences, but it didn’t help that weeks prior to its release it became the target of a campaign to take it down due to the promotional material Netflix used. The film was quickly branded as pedophilic and that the director herself is a danger to children for filming this.

Cut to September and the film is out on Netflix. I feel as if it would be very easy to dismiss the film but there is nuance needed to be had with this conversation. …

A short essay about adolescence

I think it’s expected to felt left behind at times.

Like when you’re walking in a group of threes, the path begins to narrow, and one of you must choose at that moment to stand behind, breaking the three into a duo. And for a slight second, you feel as if you’ve been cast aside, but the feeling quickly fizzles out as reason and logic take over.

Or when you haven’t been through the typical coming of age experiences people your age have. …

Are you a somewhat well-known celebrity? Are you scared of being cancelled? Confused on what to say about politics? Well, look no further because this is the perfect social media quiz for you and it’s right from the mouth of a Gen Z’er who’s exhausted of celebrity scandals.

1. Politic or no Politic?

It’s 2020, and so politics is the central discourse for obvious reasons. With the election so close many famous people are deciding to speak up for once. But how do you know exactly what you say without ending up placed into a guillotine?

A. Follow white supremacy accounts.

B. Tell people you…

It’s Summer 2018 and I have my first ever therapy appointment.

I’m sitting in a waiting room, posters for beauty treatments all around me. They say they can freeze fat, remove cellulite and make me attractive. On the table in front of me are magazines piled with pictures of women that taunt me. I feel inadequate just looking at their bodies plastered on every page.

“Haaniyah Angus?” a voice asks.

I look upwards and I see her, the hypnotherapist my parents paid for. I head into her office and she introduces herself, telling me of her woes with food. I…

Haaniyah Angus

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