Kim Possible and How Grown People Need To Get Over Their Childhood

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Within the past ten years, there has been a shift in the content we have seen coming out of Disney Studios. Remakes, reboots and sequels seem to be the majority of which, and while I could sit here and complain about the Mulan remake or the Toy Story 4 sequel, I honestly don’t care anymore. I’ve accepted that while I may enjoy or dislike these new films that they aren’t catered to me. That’s why I can see the Grinch and hate it while also knowing it was made to lull children into an active hypnotic state.

However, there is an ever growing number of adults online that somehow can’t seem to grasp the fact that movie executives don’t want to keep appealing to people within our age group as their primary audience when their target demographics are kids/preteens of the 2010s.

I’d argue that this started when Disney announced Incredibles 2, we saw jokes all over the board about how children need to be quiet in the cinema when it comes out and I even admittedly joined in on a few as it felt like a simple meme of sorts. However, it quickly turned into something else — a weird obsession that these young adults have with their childhood which led to the constant hate on Kim Possible (2019). I get wanting to hold on to any remaining semblance of adolescence but frankly this inappropriate.

Growing up in the early 2000s I’d like to say I was there for the prime of the ‘DCOM’ and now looking back as a 20-year old I can say that for the most part, they were all terrible movies. Terrible movies I love but terrible nonetheless. However, there’s this expectation that the live action Kim Possible must go past that because it surely can’t be made for children of the 2010s? No, it must cater to the whims of adults that don’t even own Disney Channel on their cable package or may not also subscribe to cable at all anymore.

I’m a huge advocate of making sure content for children/teenagers is worthwhile. Children don’t deserve half-assed content, and that’s why I don’t like a lot of recent trends within animation (Illumination Studios). However, with that being said I also don’t think it’s fair that we should suddenly assume that Disney Channel needs to change their mediocre filmmaking just so adults in their 20s who again don’t watch Disney Channel can suddenly relive their childhood.

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It’s gotten to a point where the lead actress has admitted that people have harassed them and I don’t want to be the only one who thinks that this is super weird. It is weird to be out here fan casting adult women as a 15-year-old character because the 15-year-old that was cast doesn’t look hot enough for you.

I’m not going to lie and say that I wouldn’t want a high budget Kim Possible film or series. The concept would work, but this is not what is being made. The fact is that you aren’t going to stop yourself from getting older and becoming even more distant with your adolescence but please do us all a favour and delete that tweet complaining about kids content was never meant for you.

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