Muslims Should Be Allowed To Mourn

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When I woke up yesterday morning to the news of the Christchurch massacre I wasn’t in the least bit shocked. For Muslims, Islamophobia is a growing shadow in our lives and something many non-Muslims do not take seriously.

I cried and then I got angry, angry that these lives were taken and that the first reaction from tabloid sites was to pretend as if the shooter were a lone wolf. I was mad that most apologies and condolences never dared mention the word Muslim or Islam. I was angry that as a Muslim, people now expected me to prove my humanity in order for them to feel sympathy for how I am treated by the masses.

I’m also angry that a young Palestinian woman has been doxxed to no end for her own mourning.

I could bring in each and every tweet, breaking down the coded language, the racial bias and how she is gleefully being torn to shreds by the same people who were mourning for us only minutes ago but this isn’t what this post is about. It’s about the fact that Muslims are only allowed to mourn one way.

We are only allowed to mourn when it doesn’t make you uncomfortable, when you aren’t positioned as the bad guy or when we are submissive. You do not want us pointing out the very real ties between your passive liberalism and how it has allowed Islamophobia to grow within your political parties which you hold dear. You do not want us to hold those in power and those with influence into question for the actions they take in regards to the very same Muslims they pretend to care for.

You do not care about Muslims, you don’t care about the fact that we are struggling or the fact that we are dealing with the growing threat of white supremacy. You care about optics and making yourselves look like more compassionate human beings.

You want us to be silent, to mourn for our brothers and sisters without explaining the growing Islamophobic rhetoric that cut their lives tragically short.

Muslims should be allowed to mourn just like anyone else

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