The ‘How Quickly Would You Get Cancelled as a Celebrity in 2020’ Quiz.

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Are you a somewhat well-known celebrity? Are you scared of being cancelled? Confused on what to say about politics? Well, look no further because this is the perfect social media quiz for you and it’s right from the mouth of a Gen Z’er who’s exhausted of celebrity scandals.

It’s 2020, and so politics is the central discourse for obvious reasons. With the election so close many famous people are deciding to speak up for once. But how do you know exactly what you say without ending up placed into a guillotine?

A. Follow white supremacy accounts.

B. Tell people you were a little bit Republican before Trump and imply you voted for Bush & McCain.

C. Vote for the first time at 29 even though you spent 2016 telling BLM supporters to find other solutions than rioting.

D. None of the above.

It’s March 2020, and we’re in full swing of the first part of COVID-19, everyone is depressed and obviously angry due to lack of Government help and funding. You’re stuck at home in your 7 bedroom mansion whilst the rest of us get cabin fever in 2 bedroom apartments. How do you help the lower classes through this?

A. Band together with notable celebrity friends to sing a song by a dead racist, deadbeat father and an abuser?

B. Donate money to food shelters, rent out apartments for the homeless and pay for Wifi for low-income families.

C. Jet set to Latin America or the Caribbean for a vacation whilst they suffer from COVID due to inconsiderate white travellers.

D. Go on IG Live to complain about Coachella, and how it’s inevitable that people will die so why should you stop doing what you want.

It’s in June 2020. The world is in disarray due to a string of violent murders against Black people, and it seems as if for once everyone is pulling together to support Black individuals during these trying times. You’ve been told that you need to post something about BLM, but you aren’t sure what to go with.

What are your choices;

A. Post a Black Square, I mean everyone else is so why shouldn’t I? It’s clearly the easiest thing to do.

B. Tweet about racial injustice whilst planting myself in the centre of the discourse even though I have historically been violent towards Black people on my TV show.

C. Attend protests, post bail funds, tweet links to anti-racist readings and improve representation in my career.

D. Make Breonna Taylor memes.

I’ve left the easiest one for last, I mean you can’t fail this right? We’re in the middle of a respiratory virus without a single vaccine in sight. The least we’ve been asked to do is to protect others around us, so what’s your mask choice?

A. A mesh mask that has 0% coverage, but it looks pretty.

B. A mask recommended by medical professionals.

C. A mask? Can’t I use a bandana?

D. My hand???


1. If you’ve chosen anything other than D I’m afraid you’ve failed, because white supremacy is obviously a no go, telling people you were in the Hunger Games without critical thought is certainly confusing and Selena…..wasn’t Woody Allen enough?

2. If you’ve chosen anything other than B……may god help your social team because you certainly won’t.

3. It’s C. It will always be C, and if it’s not C, I promise you that turning your comments off is a better choice than defending your shitty takes.

4. …..I mean…….. it’s obvious.

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